A Brief History of the Hado Studio Art Gallery

In 1975, Mildred Hado purchased 62 Church St. and opened the Hado Studio Art Gallery. She featured her own paintings and prints as well as large outdoor sculptures created by her brother Val Hafner.

For my mother and our family, it was an extraordinary experience. The summer season here in Lenox, MA is a vibrant place to be, full of shops, restaurants, and plenty of galleries to peruse.  The Lenox community welcomed us and supported the gallery for 30 years as Mildred established her place among the local shop owners.

62 Church became a meeting place for friends, family and other artists–it wasn’t uncommon for a passerby to wander in and stay past closing time, chatting with my mother while my father prepared drinks for happy hour.

We are reopening the gallery under a new name bridging the past to the present day, celebrating Mildred Hado’s final collection of work with you.

We’re looking forward to the next season of the Hado-Mark Gallery! I’ve invited some unique and exciting artists to exhibit with us and we’ll be showing some new works of my mother’s (which even I hadn’t seen before!).  In addition, we’ll have a collection of artisan handcrafted silver and gold jewelry on exhibit. Such fun!

Lisa Hado-Mark